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Tracking, learning and Sharing (TLS)

Learn how the ARA is committed to enhanced learning by engaging the research community in monitoring, evaluation and assessment activities, improved knowledge management and peer to peer networks…

ARA evidence review 2: Good practices for action research

This report showcases evidence of adaptation action research in practice from 20 Global South examples.

ARA at COP26

The ARA celebrated its formal launch at the 26th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP26) in 2021.

Seven priorities for an inclusive Global Goal on Adaptation

The Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) aims to drive collective action on climate adaptation and bring parity between adaptation and mitigation efforts globally.

ARA Mission & Foundation

The ARA is a global collaborative to catalyse increased investment and capacity for action-orientated research that supports effective adaptation to climate change – primarily in developing countries…

Adaptation Research for Impact Principles

The Adaptation Research for Impact Principles are aimed at supporting and influencing the activities, plans, programmes and policies of ARA members – as well as the broader community of practice…

What we do

Learn how the ARA is supporting action for adaptation.

Press area

The ARA welcomes interest from the media in covering adaptation to climate change and the Adaptation Research for Impact approach.Our membership includes leading experts from Global South who can…


The ARA is taking a collaborative approach alongside its members to developing its Governance Framework. It will be shared publicly in 2023.

Africa’s Adaptation Potential Limited By Inequitable Research Funding

Flooded large house

Less than 4% of global climate change research funding is spent in Africa. Of the estimated USD 1.26 billion in funding earmarked for Africa-related research on climate impacts, mitigation and…

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