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Identifying research needs and opportunities with Consultative Processes

Identifying research needs and opportunities with Consultative Processes

This concept note outlines the ARA's approach for its Consultative Process activities, which serve to enhance the credibility of research within the adaptation and resilience agenda.

Shared learning process on understanding climate risk

Read a summary of insights from the ARA shared learning process on understanding climate risk carried out with a diversity of global research and climate action communities.

ARA Concept Note

This foundational document details the vision of the ARA for catalysing investment and capacity for action-orientated research that supports effective adaptation to climate change.

ARA Theory of Change

This infographic depicts how the ARA aims to deliver six outcomes that support adaptation research for impact.

ARA joint statement on launch

The ARA formally launched at COP26 with this joint statement from 90 organisations across 30 economies who endorsed the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles.

ARA European Consultation Workshop

This workshop was held with European participants to identify best practices for linking research and action and to strengthen partnership and membership opportuntiies.

ARA Gobeshona Declaration

This declaration outlines the intent of Alliance founding members to co-develop the ARA for catalysing investment in action-oriented research for climate adaptation and resilience.

Evidence reviews and analysis

This report offers an overview of ARA activity areas related to evidence reviews and analysis activities including analytical backstopping, assembling, reviewing, and synthesising evidence to support…

Tracking, learning and Sharing (TLS)

Learn how the ARA is committed to enhanced learning by engaging the research community in monitoring, evaluation and assessment activities, improved knowledge management and peer to peer networks…

ARA evidence review 2: Good practices for action research

This report showcases evidence of adaptation action research in practice from 20 Global South examples.

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