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This document summarizes the main results of the "Financing climate resilience at the local level" consultative process organized by Building Approaches to fund local Solutions with climate Evidence (BASE) and the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA). The process was built on the extensive existing literature and sought to understand different perspectives on how to link climate evidence and funding accessibility, to ensure that grants can reach local organizations and help generate resilience.

Finance challenges

There are numerous challenges for climate finance to reach the local level. One of these is ensuring evidence that the projects respond to problems related to climate change, so that funding is effective in terms of its impact on enhancing resilience to climate change and appropriate in terms of the speed and manner in which it reaches the communities.


In that regard, the process objectives included:

  • Needs and opportunities identification: To explore the challenges and opportunities that exist in framing locally-led project proposals with climate impact.
  • Network formation: To help identify relevant stakeholders from the scientific and financial sectors, communities, policy, and communities of practice around local financing for climate resilience.

Future objectives

This consultative process provides valuable feedback for the design of grants to ensure that they are effective at meeting local needs and in building a better understanding of climate risks.

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Financing climate resilience at the local level

This Consultative Processes explores how to link climate evidence and funding accessibility.

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