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The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) is pleased to announce it is formally recognised by the Belmont Forum as a partner organisation.

The linkage, built through a shared commitment to collaborative transdisciplinary research and the co-creation of knowledge, aims to support both organisations’ efforts to generate socially relevant solutions for adaptation to climate change and global environmental change.

“We aim to work with the Belmont Forum and its members to mobilise increased investment and capacity for action-oriented research for effective adaptation solutions in countries at the frontline of climate change,” says ARA Head of Secretariat Jesse DeMaria-Kinney.

“The ARA envisions this partnership will enhance the impact of funding through increased coordination and prioritisation of investments in adaptation research and action."

The Belmont Forum is a high-level group of the world’s major and emerging funders of global environmental change research and international science councils. It aims to deliver knowledge in support of human action and adaptation to global environmental change.

“At its core, the Belmont Forum is a mechanism or tool to bring together global funders to tackle some of society's most pressing challenges,” says Nicole Arbour, Executive Director of the Belmont Forum.

“This mechanism can be leveraged to the benefit of the ARA and its communities - bringing together funders, researcher and stakeholders to co-develop, fund and deliver societally relevant solutions to international problems.”

As an advocate, facilitator, and catalyst for action-oriented research that generates effective adaptation solutions, the goals of the ARA align notably with those of the Forum.

"By coming together, we unite top down and bottom-up discussions into a unified co-design process and bring together a global community to tackle global environmental change challenges,” says Arbour.

The ARA also provides the Forum with a global collective of expertise from its 160 members from over 50 countries, including researchers, funders, policymakers, development bodies and community-based organisations, with significant representation in the Global South.

The diversity of ARA members supports knowledge-exchange, capacity strengthening, and collaboration within the partnership, says DeMaria-Kinney.

"The ARA provides an opportunity for expanding the reach of the Belmont Forum, supporting its advocacy and outreach programmes and amplifying its outputs to a community of researchers and practitioners for which its activities aim to directly impact, influence and attract,” he says.

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