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The purpose of the Consultative Process is to summarise and articulate user needs, and how to address these moving forward. As the ARA seeks to mobilize and scale investment in adaptation research, we expect the consultations to inform how we collaborate and get new programs up and running.

This concept note outlines the ARA's approach for its Consultative Process activities, which form a backbone to achieving the ARA's goals. 

Identifying research needs

A key mechanism for achieving the ARA's aims is through Consultative Processes identifying priority research and knowledge needs, opportunities for addressing them, and bringing together the research and action communities in networked and collaborative efforts to identify research needs that inform, support and enable action.

Consultative Processes surface and document Southern-based expert insights around strategic topics and approaches. By convening producers and users of applied research for development, the Consultative Process enhances the legitimacy of outcomes from research, while also creating a sense of ownership over said outcomes by diverse stakeholders. In turn, these stakeholders will be able to use the outcomes for their own purposes (e.g., advocacy), thereby enhancing credibility of research within the evolving adaptation and resilience agenda.

Consultative Proccess Chair Summaries

Consultative Processes Concept Note

This concept note outlines the ARA's approach for achieving its Consultative Process activities.

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