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This report presents findings from the Climate Risk Assessment (CRA) in LDCs. As a proof of concept, this was not intended to be an exhaustive exercise that highlighted all the challenges associated with CRAs in LDCs, but aimed to provide a basis for further consultations and action research within this Topic Area.

In particular, this consultative process aimed to explore three specific questions:

  1. What are the barriers to undertaking and using CRAs that can be addressed through knowledge, research, and innovation?
  2. What are the opportunities for overcoming these barriers?
  3. What role could practitioners, researchers, donors and ARA play in addressing these barriers?


The ARA is in a unique position in terms of its global network of partners, adn this network was leveraged to identify recommendations for CRA in LDCs including:

  1. Improve current theory and practice of CRAs
  2. Improve standardisation and sharing
  3. Improve the uptake and impact of CRAs in decision making

Consultative Processes

The ARA is a global collaborative effort to catalyse increased investment and capacity for action-orientated research. The ARA aims to promote evidence-based solutions.

A key initial mechanism for delivering on this aim is organising and conducting multi-stepped consultative processes. Consultative processes should:

  • Identify critical knowledge needs for action to ensure that funding is targeted
  • Support a community of relevant stakeholders from science, policy and practice, relevant to specific Topic Areas, who are likely to use the knowledge generated to take action
  • Lay the groundwork for attracting funder interest and structuring action research programmes.

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