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This report summarises a Consultative Process held by the ARA and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to to surface priorities and recommendations for reseach that advances gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in the context of climate change.

Experience supporting action-oriented reserach on climate change reveals that vulnerability to climate change is influenced by a wide and intersecting rage of social and economic fators. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the differential vulnerability between groups in order to achieve just and effective action, and outcomes can be sustained. 

Patterns of power and marginalisation

Currently, considerations of gendered and soial inequalities are not always systematically or effectively integrated iwthin reserach programmes or project design. This undermines the benefits to women, girls, and other marginalised groups. Strategies to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience need to be socially inclusive and gender responsive - ore even transformative - or they risk perpetuating patterns of power and marginalisaiton.

From September to December 2021, IDC hosted a two-part consultation on addressing GESI within climate action. The consultation consisted of a survey and virtual consultation, to surface priorities and recommendations for research that advances gender equality and social inclusion in the context of climate change. This report summarizes the findings from that consultation.

Four entry points

This report summarises in detail four entry points for action research with respect to addressing GESI within climate action including:

  • Take an intersectional approach to participatory and inclusive research
  • Integrate GESI within climate-resilient development interventions
  • Advance GESI outcomes by informing institutional and policy action
  • Enhance the access to resources and agency of marginalised groups


Download the report

Download the Chair's Summary in English | French | Spanish

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