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In an effort to unearth ideas and opportunities for adapting to climate change in local contexts in the Global South, the ARA has run a micro-granting process linking action and research partners with local communities to identify knowledge gaps and explore solutions to adapt to and build resilience against a changing climate.

The first round of the ARA Grassroots Action Research Micro-grants was officially announced at COP26 in 2021, providing an opportunity for 25 grantees from the Global South to explore burning adaptation issues faced by their communities related to the climate crisis. The micro-grants were completed in March 2022, and this summary report is published as a review of the outputs and outcomes that were achieved by the grantees during and since their projects were completed.

Reflections and lessons learnt

This summary report aims to promote a deeper understanding of the micro-grant activity and to review the evidence regarding the impact achieved by the micro-grants and summarising how subsequent funding rounds could be improved.

Some of the diverse outcomes that were obtained through the microgrants, including in the months that followed their implementation, include:

  • Securing funding for follow-up activities to close the research-action cycle and allow implementation of critical actions identified through the co-creation processes.
  • Elevating under-explored areas, which were put on the map as a result of the micro-grants, making them important catalysts for new partnerships and organisations engaging in climate action.
  • Filling important gaps in informal settlements, such as those related to poor internet connectivity, helping to pilot some new and innovative approaches that can be scaled up in a next phase.
  • Implementing action and providing critical impulses for new adaptation processes.
  • Building new, enabling relationships to support ongoing climate action.
  • Affirming the importance of including diverse voices and types of knowledge in adaptation processes.
  • Confirming the value of co-creation processes to result in more effective, meaningful and just outcomes. Given the scale and complexity of the climate crisis, and as confirmed by the experiences shared by the micro-grantees, working collaboratively, and ensuring local voices are heard and can lead in the conversations regarding their future, is crucial.

Grassroots Action Research Micro-grants 2023

The ARA announced its second round of micro-grants in May 2023, awarding 30 Global South projects up to GBP 15,000 to carry out inclusive, locally-led action research for identifying needs and opportunities for building resilience.

The awarded projects are based in 22 countries from the Global South, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, the Philippines, Somalia, India, and Uruguay. They address a variety of climate adaptation issues identified as urgent by local communities including health, costal erosion, drought, urban planning, and food security.

View the full list of Grassroots Action Research Micro-grants 2023 awardees here.


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This summary report puts forth reflections and lessons learnt from the ARA Grassroots Action Research Micro-grants 2022.

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