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Categories: Bridging research & action, ARA activities

24 October 2022

Evidence reviews and analysis activities are core ARA activity areas which include analytical backstopping, assembling, reviewing, and synthesising evidence to support evidence-based adaptation actions.

These activities support and inform what the ARA is advocating for, such as validating the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles.

Vulnerable communities

Evidence reviews and analysis activities highlight the different organisations, funders and researchers that have adopted action research for impact within their projects, with the definition of action research being drawn from the Principles.

These activities will help identify enabling funding environments for action research, as well as impact in relation to collaborative methods of climate adaptation among vulnerable communities.

Connecting knowledge to practice

Learning and insights generated from evidence reviews and analysis activities may be incorporated into the Alliance’s other activities, such as its Consultative Processes.

More broadly, evidence reviews and analysis will provide a strong case for the benefits of action research for impact, strengthen opportunities for collaboration, link knowledge to policy and/or practice communities, and guide future funding streams.


Evidence reviews and analysis

Learn about the scope and proposed outcomes of the ARA’s evidence review process.

Read the report here

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