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This report showcases evidence of adaptation action research in practice from 20 Global South examples.

The analysis was carried out by the ARA, with Plan Adapt, and built upon contributions by active participants from the ARA community. The resulting report does not aim to be exhaustive, but rather to showcase good practice and lessons to learn from.

Learn from experience

The report bridges the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles with examples of projects from the Global South that have incorporated some (or all) of these principles into their work.

The projects selected illuminate how the Principles can be manifested in real-world contexts. Furthermore, the projects provide valuable insights into how the Principles can shape the design of adaptation action research initiatives, and provide guidance into how adaptation action research should be conducted.

Principles in action

The findings are based on an analysis of twenty projects and initiatives which have – intentionally or not – incorporated the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles into elements of their work on adaptation.

This should enable funders, actors, and scholars to integrate the principles into their work by learning from existing projects and experiences.


Good practices for action research

Read insights from 20 Global South projects that put the Adaptation Research for Impact principles to use.

Download the insights

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