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25 October 2022

The ARA formally launched on 9 November 2021 with 90 member organisations across 30 economies. As members of the ARA, these members published a joint statement endorseing the Alliance's theory of change.

ARA members publicly committed to co-developing a robust and ambitious portfolio of activities that will lead to a paradigm shift where the needs of the most vulnerable take centre stage, and where research becomes a highly valued tool for all actors involved in climate adaptation including policymakers, funders, practitioners and vulnerable communities.

Adaptation Research for Impact Principles

As a first step in supporting that process, members also publicly endorsed the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles, which set out guidelines intended to stimulate the needed systemic change: demand-driven and transdisciplinary research, and evidence-based action that emphasises societal impact, builds capacity, and addresses structural inequalities faced by vulnerable groups.

Members also acknowledged international collaboration, sharing and learning from experiences worldwide as essential for informing effective adaptation at the scale and urgency required to keep pace with the rate of climate change.

ARA joint statement on launch

This joint statement was made by the ARA's members on its formal launch at COP26 in 2021.

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