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25 October 2022

The ARA envisions a world by 2030 in which the research community is a highly valued partner to policymakers, practitioners and the most vulnerable communities, and engages effectively for the delivery of innovative, user-driven solutions for adaptation and resilience from the global to local levels.

The ARA will contribute to the realisation of this vision by implementing its Theory of Change, which defines the ARA’s mission in response to the problem statement, and specifies the functions, outcomes, impacts and values that will enable the ARA to achieve its mission.

Mission of the ARA

The mission of the Adaptation Research Alliance is to accelerate and scale investments in action-orientated research in developing countries, that addresses the pressing knowledge needs for adaptation and resilience of the most vulnerable, builds capacity at all stages from research to action.


Theory of Change

Learn how the ARA aims to deliver six outcomes that support adaptation research for impact.

Download Theory of Change

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