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At the 2021 Gobeshona Global Conference on Locally Led Adaptation, representatives from 33 organisations spanning 194 economies came together to declare the intent to co-develop the ARA.

In this statement, they detail how this bold new global partnership can catalyse and scale investment in action-oriented research for climate adaptation and resilience.

Deliverables and outcomes

The signatories, made up of the founding members of the Alliance, agree in this statement that the ARA will focus on an agreed set of deliverables and outcomes. This includes:

  • Targeted advocacy, creative cooperation and scaled resource delivery
  • Ensuring that the most pressing knowledge needs for adaptation and resilience actions are effectively addressed
  • Ensuring that measurable progress and evidence of the effectiveness of past and ongoing adaptation interventions are at hand.
  • Accelerate and scale investment in developing countries (including the Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States) for action-orientated and user-centred research, in ways that build long-term institutional and human capacity, and help transform the research process, ensuring high quality research that has wider ownership and greater practical impact.


ARA Gobeshona Declaration

This delcaration from the Alliance's founding members declared the intent to codevelop the ARA at the 2021 Gobeshona Global Conference.

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