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Categories: Learning & implementation, ARA activities

24 October 2022

The ARA is committed to enhanced learning by better engaging the research community in monitoring, evaluation and assessment activities, improved knowledge management and peer to peer networks across the research and action communities.

This Concept Note details how the ARA's Tracking, Learning and Sharing (TLS) activities deliver this outcome by designing and establishing a framework and systems that will facilitate ARA members, their partners, and other stakeholders collectively to:

  • Track their progress toward the achievement of the ARA Outcomes
  • Actively learn about what works and what does not when designing, conducting, and using action-oriented research on climate change adaptation
  • Share learning with each other and with other stakeholders in the adaptation ecosystem

Member-led approach

The TLS approach will be one that favours and facilitates self-directed tracking, learning, and sharing by ARA members and partners.

Activities have been developed through a consultative process in which prospective ARA members co-developed and mapped out the longer-term agenda for tracking progress, learning, and sharing knowledge. This approach ensures that activities take into account the diverse ideas and priorities of prospective members and considers their different capabilities and access to resources.


TLS Concept Note

Read the full rationale for TLS activities within the Alliance.

Download here

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