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Categories: Programme development, Report, Africa, Co-production

30 October 2023

The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) supported a co-creation process that aimed to bring local experiences and knowledge to bear on the design of a potential research programme on Nature-based Solutions for equitable climate resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The co-creation process included a desktop literature review and two phases of consultations including Multi-Actor Workshops (MAWs) with people involved in NbS across the region, and community consultations to check the local-level relevance of the themes that emerged and to allow for new ideas/issues to emerge. Knowledge synthesis phases occurred between each set of consultations.

This report sumarises the findings identified in the report, and proposes cross-cutting themes that could be integrated into new research programme design.

Identifying cross-cutting themes

The content from MAWs, community workshops and team reflections was reviewed to identify themes that emerged and evolved over time. Four final cross-cutting themes were identified, as described below. Two “key threads” relevant to all themes were also identified as: equity, and sustainability.

  • Cross-cutting theme 1: Producing an open evidence base of impacts
  • Cross-cutting theme 2: Scalability and contextualisation
  • Cross-cutting theme 3: Whole “system” valuation and optimisation
  • Cross-cutting theme 4: Empowering community-driven governance


Scoping report: NbS for climate resilience in SSA

Read this scoping report and learn more about the key themes it identifies for shaping a new research programme into NbS for equitable climate resilience in sub-Saharan Africa.

Download the report

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