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Key insights from peer-to-peer learning across the Adaptation Research Alliance

The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) operates with an emphasis on bridging action and research on climate adaptation. As such, the over 190 entities that constitute the Alliance's membership are working towards bringing a research enterprise to life that is action-oriented.

While there is little dispute as to the value of this thrust on bringing researchers and practitioners closer, there is a lack of evidence on the benefits of this, the conditions that enable this change, and the challenges that those attempting this are likely to face.

These questions have formed the core of a peer-to-peer learning programme initiated as part of the ARA. This programme aims at facilitating a knowledge exchange between ARA members. This is to catalyse processes for actively learning about what works and what does not when designing, conducting, and using action-oriented research on climate change adaptation to share learning with each other and other stakeholders in the adaptation ecosystem. Participation in the learning programme is entirely voluntary.

Narrative summary and case studies

Four workshops were held between June and December 2022 in which ARA members came together to co-create and execute a learning initiative on bridging adaptation research and action. The periods between these workshops were employed for individual learning tasks undertaken by the participating organisations.

This included collating evidence to answer the learning questions identified (i.e., on the benefits, enabling factors and challenges of bridging adaptation research and action) preparing outputs, peer-reviewing the outputs of other participants and supporting the development of this learning product.

This report is a narrative that follows synthesises the insights that emanated through this process and presents an analysis of how ARA members participating in this learning programme felt their work demonstrated benefits, challenges and approaches of bridging adaptation action and research. It also includes individual case studies from Alliance members.

Report: Bridging Adaptation Action and Research

How do ARA members feel their work demonstrates benefits, challenges and approaches for bridging adaptation action and research? Read this report to learn more.

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