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The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) celebrated its formal launch at the 26th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP26) in 2021.

The growing Alliance was represented at that time by over 90 organisations from 30 economies, who collectively committed to co-developing a robust and ambitious portfolio of activities.

Together, they support a paradigm shift where the needs of the most vulnerable take centre stage, and where research becomes a highly valued tool for all actors involved in climate adaptation including policymakers, funders, practitioners and vulnerable communities.

Endorsing Adaptation Research for Action Principles

As a first step in supporting that process, Alliance members expressed their endorsement for the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles at the COP26 summit.

The Principles are guidelines intended to stimulate the needed systemic change: demand-driven and transdisciplinary research, and evidence-based action that emphasises societal impact, builds capacity, and addresses structural inequalities faced by vulnerable groups.

COP26 commitments

Putting those recommendations into action is the Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CLARE) research programme, launched at COP26.

A new partnership between the UK and Canada, it was revealed at the ARA launch that the countries would extend funding to CLARE with a total of GBP 100m funding from UK AID and GBP 10m (CAD 17m) from Canada.

Nearly GBP 40m of that CLARE funding is dedicated to addressing adaptation in Africa and identifying actionable solutions for the continent as it adapts to climate change.


Global coalition for adaptation action

Read details from the ARA’s formal launch at COP26 in 2021.

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