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As part of the UK COP26 Presidency Adaptation & Resilience campaign, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) worked with partners to develop an international Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) for launch at COP26.

The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) is a coalition across the adaptation research and action communities, bringing together researchers and both traditional ‘research funders’ and ‘action funders’.

It seeks to catalyse increased investment in action-oriented adaptation research driven by end-user needs that will help create practical and effective adaptation and resilience solutions.

It aims to promote research modalities and activities that are collaborative and Southern-led, strengthen local universities and research institutions, lead to capacity-building, and facilitate linkages between research and implementation at multiple levels.

“We know that decarbonisation of the global economy needs to proceed three to five times faster over the next decade than it did in the last two decades. We also know that adaptation and resilience must be strengthened as the impacts of climate change are happening now and are set to worsen.”

Dr. Rosalind West, FCDO

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