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10 June 2024 09:00 - 14 June 2024 17:00

Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI) 2024

The SRI Congress is the world’s largest inclusive global event for co-produced research and innovation action to advance sustainability. The 2024 Congress builds on a growing knowledge to action movement fostered in previous SRI Congresses held in Australia, South Africa and Panama. More than 2000 international sustainability experts and practitioners are expected to come together in Finland and online from around the world.

SRI/SSD2024 Themes

  • Green Transitions

This theme provides an opportunity to explore the changing landscape and attitudes towards living in harmony with nature.

  • Transforming Technologies and the Future of Work

This theme highlights both the technological advances that hope to improve our world and the systems that foster, support, and consume the realization of those technological applications.

  • Living on the Frontlines of Change – The Arctic and Beyond

This theme invites contributions about the polycrises facing many communities, the considerations and challenges to adapting in place, and pathways forward for minimizing conflict, increasing community and personal resilience, and ensuring safe, healthy, productive, and fulfilling living conditions for future generations.

  •  Powering the World

Transitions to renewable and clean energy sources offer only a near-term option to reduce dependency on hydrocarbon and coal-based fuels until transformative alternatives would potentially become available. This shift, whether in the form of wind, solar, geothermal, wave, or other energy sources, presents several systemic opportunities but also challenges beyond just progressive technological advancements.

Location: Helsinki & Espoo, Finland. Hydrid format.

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