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5 December 2023

Co-producing equitable cities: Catalysts for just climate action

Our cities are inherently unequal, and this inequity is exacerbated by the climate crisis, where marginalized communities bear the brunt of climate impacts. However, there's a shift underway. Climate planning and practice are evolving to become more inclusive, centring equity to disrupt this inequitable burden. We are moving towards fully engaging communities as meaningful partners to co-create and accelerate responses to the climate crisis. This session is a collaborative exploration of how we, as a collective of diverse urban practitioners, can effect this change together. We represent various communities of practice, from government officials and planners to frontline communities, as well as the organizations and institutions that support them. Together, we'll delve into the strategies, solutions, and innovations that will drive equitable and climate-resilient urban futures. 

Date: 5 December 2023 

Time: 15.00-16.00 

Location: Resilience Hub 

With support from: Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities), Arup, International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED), Silverlining 


  • Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, Resilient Cities Network  

  • Gareth Morgan, Executive Director, Future Resilience  

  • Matt Kennedy, Sustainable Development Leader for Europe and Global Leader for Climate Strategy, Arup  

  • Aditya Bahadur, Principal researcher, Human Settlements research group, IIED  

  • Kelly Wanser, Executive Director, Silverlining 

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