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Kweku Koranteng

Senior Partnership and Fund Engagement Lead

SouthSouthNorth (SSN)

Kweku is the Senior Partnership and Fund Engagement Lead at the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA), bringing with him over a decade dedicated to advancing global efforts in clean energy transition. He has played pivotal roles in advocating, promoting, and formulating climate change policies on a national and sub-national scale across the African continent. His background is deeply anchored in promoting and translating climate adaptation and resilience research into practical impacts for vulnerable communities. His leadership has been instrumental in overseeing clean energy transition projects that span multiple countries, including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and the Philippines. Kweku holds a BSc in Sociology and Political Science, an MBA in Management Information Systems, and an MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from the University of Ghana.

Kweku Koranteng
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